History Of The Gatabaruwa Temple – Kotapola, Sri Lanka

     There is a very old story about this Gatabaruwa Maha Viharaya which has a lot of influence. From this story, we can know who built this cave temple and how. An interesting little story. Let us know after reading .. about the history of Gatabaruwa Maha Viharaya..

We know where the Gatabaruwa Maha Viharaya is located. So in those days, there was a man called Eliashami in that area. He was a man who made his living from farming. So one day, this man was asked to do farming, and he climbed to the top of this mountain. It is said that he stopped his farming for a while due to a herd of bulls at the top of the hill started chasing the bulls. However, the bulls crawled into a cave on this mountain. He came to the cave with the intention of chasing the bulls and was amazed at what he saw. Inside the cave was an eighteen-cubit-high Buddha statue.

Later Eliashami told the villagers about this Buddha statue he had seen. So after that, Mr. Ketagoda led the villagers to build a monastery centering on this Buddha statue. It is said that they later dedicated the monastery to Weerasinghe Kande Sumangala Ven. The cave temple built in this manner is known today as the Gatabaruwa Maha Viharaya.

At present, this great cave temple is not famous for being built by King Walagamba.

Today, this cave temple is famous for the god Rajjuru Bandara, who is believed by devotees to be protecting him.

Who exactly is this Rajjuru Bandara God?

During the reign of King Walagamba at that time, the Bandara was the people in charge of the royal treasury. History has it that he was a man of noble character who became a deity. Rajjuru Bandara is said to be one of the seven deities mentioned in the pilgrimage.

The god Rajjuru Bandara is dressed in the robe of a Nilame. The god Rajjuru Bandara is wearing a crown on his head. The glory of the god Rajjuru Bandara with his mustache is immense. God has a scar fixed on his neck. The deity can be seen wearing a robe over his left shoulder and a beautiful flower garland around his waist. The god Rajjuru Bandara carries a ribbon on the left and wood of soul on the right.

The god Rajjuru Bandara, who protects the devotees, does good to the just people. Also, the ancients believed that the god Rajjuru Bandara was working to punish the guilty.

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